Corporate Contamination

Whilst walking through the Black Mountains in Wales on a fresh spring day last year I was distressed to see, on occasion, litter which to me highlighted what is wrong with some of the big companies we have grown used to being surrounded by.
Coming across an old Mars Bar wrapper in the gutter of a country road may not seem worth mentioning, but as I continued my walk I was coming across more litter like it. An empty coke can, crushed, lay next to a fence, a starbucks coffee cup sat in the road and a Tesco carrier bag lodged in a tree branch. Though this didn't exactly ruin my walk, it did make me think how sad it was that even this beautiful and idyllic place is slightly spoiled by what I now call Corporate contamination.
In the country side, In the city, on the beach, in the park, amongst sleepy villages, in fact it seems almost everywhere I go, there'll usually always be some evidence of corporate contamination.

Tesco Contamination
Starbucks contamination
Coke on bench
Local chicken
McDonalds on beach
Red Stripe
High Fees
High fess shop window
Starbucks C:C
Pay Rise