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#Reclaim Brixton 25th April 2015

It really is a crying shame that having spent the day being part of a very peaceful protest against the ever growing corporate greed and corrupt authorities, that yet again the media can only seem to focus on a couple of isolated incidents. 99.9% of Brixtonites and friends here today had no intention of using aggression, violence or criminal damage to voice their views. Please spread the word that the main stream media is not reporting the full story/truth. Money talks and bullshit walks on the same golf course (probably) as Foxtons, various Lambeth councillors and, it would appear, some very biased journalists.
It seems ridiculous that in 2015 we have to continue to fight for justice and freedom, but suddenly I've realised how important it is for the majority of us (the ordinary people) to use social media to do so and get the truth out there.
The main stream media is not interested in informing you of the largely peaceful side to events or why these events took place.
Many of the protesters have had to endure violence and aggression as a result of Lambeth Council, estate agents and corporate businesses and landlords practices' for years in Brixton. Funnily enough this doesn't make mainstream media news as a rule. Could this be down to the mutual business interests of the disgustingly rich? Is it just not important enough to report?
What ever the reason, #ReclaimBrixton is, I hope, not going away, together we must stand, together we must fight on and together we will not be beaten.
United Communities are so much more powerful than one man and his property empire.

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Adorable mismatched animal buddies -- Happy Friday!

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Eggs with Beards

A series of 'Comics' featuring Eggs with Beards, and on occasion a hat. Inspired by Tony Hancock, Sid James and a peculiar fascination with Eggs and a deep disapproval of the Victorian beard furnishing anyone under the age of 40.

Nuclear Nightmares

"Wars that must never happen"
A 6 part series made by the ©BBC in 1979, it seems there's a bit missing from the end, as soon as I find it I'll add it.

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A Dark Day for Brixton - 9th March 2013

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